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Saturday, April 15, 2006

We only popped out to see Granny

but by the time we came home we had bought a subscription to sky TV and a portable DVD player, the DVD player was free with the sub to sky which was half price for the first 3 months and we quite fancied getting Sky anyway so I reckon we got a bargain especially as we also got a free Easter egg and a Stuart Little DVD too, so the kids are happy, Paul is delighted and well I'm just looking forward to the whole family being out tommorrow and being able to craft the day away in peace!!

We also ended up at Adventurelands which is sort of soft play but twice as expensive, I don't forsee another visit there soon as it was £6.50 for Iain and £4.75 each for the girls for 2 hours, plus the food and drinks were extortionate prices, the kids enjoyed themselves though and we had Mcdonalds afterwards.

Update on the Sky, the nice people at sky have made a huge gaff and are now giving us Sky+ at no extra charge, hurrah for that!! It's all going to installed on Wednesday and since we live in a three storey house I expect that it will be lots of fun! LOLOLOL

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