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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Doing it Digital

Another digital scrapping design from me tonight, this one is courtesy of Miss Mint, full links if you want to go visit The Craft Kingdom and look in the digi-scrapping section. I'm still a relatoive newbie to the world of digital scrapping and I'm constantly wowing at what you can do with photoshop.

Love this wildfowl piccy, I took it a few weeks ago and you could see him saying "OOh look they're bringing bread it must be spring. Thought I might as well give him his own scrapbook page!!

I won't go on too much about the day I've had today but all I'll say is my wee girls have this unique knack of making 1 day seem like 10 whole weeks and not in a good way either!!

I did call them the teeny terrors at one point, just after the Thomas melamine bowl lay on the floor smashed in 2 pieces (who knew you could even break melamine, I thought it was indestructable like Kryptonite) with M&S chocolate sponge pudding (with melty centre it must be added) and double cream splattered up the floorboards and Abigail saying but Mummy it's splashed on my socks" I have now threatened them with Supernanny, lets hope they heed the thread :D

Tommorrow we're off out, well I think we are, Paul informed me after I wrote the itinerary that he has a psychiatrists appointment at 11am so it may be too late to go to the original destination, I guess we'll just have to see how much time we have left, Whatever we do dear reader it's bound to be eventful, we can't go anywhere without there being some kind of happening....

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