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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The never ending Virus

I've had this virus invading my body for a few weeks now, some days I feel ok and some days I just feel awful, goodness only knows how long I have had a temperature for, but now I have pains in my kidneys and the most awful foul tasting mucus blocking my nasal passages, I have tried to get rid of this damn virus but it's one which won't be killed easily however I absolutely refuse to take anti-biotics unless I absolutely have too! I have ulcers and all manner of symptoms which sometimes are worse than others, it all started a couple of weeks ago when Iain was ill and gave me the initial virus then I got it, then Abigail who gave it back to me and then Paul who again kindly returned it to me again. Thanks Darling, nice to know we share everything!!!

I think it's likely that I am off to bed after this, no time to check out the Craft Kingdom

We have had another busy day on there and Kirsteen has sorted out all manner of glitches for us, now then she's offline now for a couple of weeks whilst she moves house so you might not see many changes but if you go you will see the blossoming of a lovely warm and friendly forum, I urge you to atleast check it out if you haven't already, it doesn't matter if you are 19 or 90, male or female we would love to meet you, learn from you and have fun with you.

getting involved with a forum at the beginning is always the most exciting time, you're there from day 1 so you get to know everyone and watch as your family grows and grows, i know I'm kind of biased but really it might be worth giving us a try and saying hello, cardmakers, altered artists, scrappers, knitters and needlecraft experts all welcome, if you don't see your craft, tell us, we'll add it, we're gonna be big so this is the best time to get involved!!


Anonymous said...

Antibiotics won't do anything to a virus anyway.

However, always treat pain in the kidneys seriously if it continues for more than a couple of days: sometimes a virus can cause them to stop working properly. Also, it could be a secondary infection.

Time to visit the GP.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Dr you need to be better for the op.

Celfy has spoken

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