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Sunday, April 16, 2006


ok, I was desperate to get this piccy scrapped but I don't have the energy needed to trim paper so I did it digi, trying to give credit to the designers is harder than paper too as I get lost in my hard-drive translations! LOL

OK the HEY You was from Hunibunni, maybe from digital freebies?!
I also used the paper from the Shabby Princess Splendid kit, the ribbon and Ripped paper is from the scrummy Miss Mint free spring kit at peppermint creative and the flowers were a digital freebie from Kim Carothers.

Gosh it's a lot harder to remember the names than just writing, Junkitz blah blah blah, I am absolutely apologising now though if I have it wrong or don't always give full credit, I do try and link to all the wonderous digi designers places on though. I just also want to add that I think Piracy of digi designs is disgusting, you wouldn't forge money and you wouldn't reproduce paper designs so why do people think it is ok to pirate digital designs.

Ok got that off my chest , everyone has just come home having had a splendid day, so I am off to get myself a coffee and enjoy some more peace and quite seeing as the girls have both come home and gone straight to bed and Iain came in and then went back out to play.

Oh and 1 more thing, I can guarantee when I scrap this same photo in paper for my scrapbook it will look completely different, some people like to use digi as a kind of practice, not me I like 2 layouts for the price of 1 photo! LOL

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Anonymous said...

I love this photo of our little Looby, you should frame it.

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