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Sunday, June 11, 2006


This rose is just about to burst forth with it's fragrant bloom and I think that is one of the most exciting parts of nature, this is a new rose to us you see, we rescued it from a garden centre for 50p and even back then Paul knew how much promise it had, a couple of month later and just look at it, nature really wows me.

Anyway I got to thinking about the seasons, I really can't decide on a favourite season anymore, there used to be no contest I love snow and therefore winter was always my favourite season, an obsessive love of Christmas may have had a lot to do with that though.

Then i love spring and the bursting forth of new life, daffodils, snow drops, tulips, lambs, chicks and kids, the sight of them makes me hopeful.

As for summer, well the glory of the nature is truly apparent in the beauty of the trees, leaves and flowers on a sunny day it lifts your heart and fills your head with wonder and awe.

Autumn I suppose is the saddest season but still the oranges and reds bloom on until late October and the trees in all their splendour losing their leaves give way to vast carpets of reds and browns, crisp cool walks in the wood taking photographs and leaf kicking.

I guess in the end every season has it's own appeal, the next time you walk, notice the beauty of nature and how it makes you feel and thank Mother nature for all she's ever done.

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