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Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Friday

Well can you beleive it, I actually made it to Friday and nearly have my sanity in tact.

Ebay was indeed the expected disaster I feared with the craft supplies making me a whole £5.50, well thats only around £44.50 ish short on what they cost me in the first place, the good thing though is that I know the buyer and know that they're going to a very good and much appreciated home.

Iains games sold although not for as much as he usually gets but he's happy as it was enough to buy a nintendogs add-on for his DS.

Checked my bank balance this morning and it once again laughed at me, leaving £60, this I'm veiwing as an improvement on last weeks £40 to last 7 days, atleast this time it only needs to last till Tuesday and then we should be pretty much sorted, it would have been more if it wasn't for the gas and electric payment which is as ever completely extortionate, lets not even mention that Petrol is now nearly £1 a litre, I worry that it's just going to keep going up and up to the point that only the very rich will be able to afford to drive.  Thank goodness that we have a teeny economic car which doesn't destroy the planet everytime we use it.

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday, he asked how I was I said I'm fine, really well feeling great to which he said "you do know this won't last, you'll be due to dip soon"  yes well I know that but it doesn't mean you should rain on my parade whilst I'm being positive!  I told him atleast I get to be happy and creative half the time, can you imagine if I was just plain depressed.

He also told me (harbinger of doom that he is!!) that therapy may well make me worse but again I had already kind of guessed that, I wonder which part of my intelligence he thinks got taken away when I was diagnosed with mental health challenges! LOL

So today the sun is shining and life could be worse (and it probably will be again) so for now lets bask in the sunshine and remind ourselves that we only have the dark times so we realise just how great the good times are.

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Anonymous said...

Hope today is a good one :) Sound like the shrink was just trying to make sure that you know it all. Just because you do know doesn't mean that he knows you know! He probably has to cover his own back.

The saddest song in the universe is on my launchcast radio so I'm off to cry now. It's "Tears in Heaven" I love it but it's sooooooo sad.

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