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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

5 reasons to smile

So I don't really have any major news this morning so I thought rather than not blog which I find terribly annoying I would pop what little news I do have into my list of 5 reasons to smile, maybe though I should join wordless wednesday as I never seem to have anything to blog about on Wednesdays!!

5 Reasons to smile.

1. Looby is ten time better this morning than she was yesterday.

2. England drew last night, came top of their group in the world cup and are through to the next round.

3. it's only ten past nine and mostly all the boring chores are done.

4. It's only 2 more days till we're not broke anymore

5. I'm still alive, I'm still in love and my Hubby still loves me!

Ok so technically that last one was 3 reasons in 1 but hey, it's my list :D

I doubt today will bring much adventure as we're just going to be at home watching over Looby and making sure she feels a lot better.

Whereever you are today and no matter how you feel, think about 5 reasons to smile today!

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