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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Welcome back Spikey :)

Just as I was going out earlier who should show up at my virtual door?

It's Spikey Spikerson back from the family reunion and sporting a whole new hairdye, he looks well don't you think?

Also I've added some new blogs to my links, we have the lovely Kirsteen who is one of my loveliest online buddies and co-owner of the Craft Kingdom.

Then we have Celfyddyds Blog, she's quite possibly my most favourite magical elf in the whole rip-roaring universe.

Both those bloggies are new so stay with them and see how they develop!

Then I added Life in the Corner which is one of the funniest blogs ever, it's the daily bloggings of a 2.5 year old who spends more and more time in the naughty corner, check it out it's hilarious!!


Anonymous said...

awww shucks. I'm her favouritist elf ever :)

*Waves* to spikey

Anonymous said...

My woogy snoogy Spikey is back! All those Strawberries - are they good for a hedgehog?

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