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Saturday, June 17, 2006


You find yourself crafting the strangest things!!

I'm trying the toilet training thing with Looby at the moment but she's not having any of it, not because she's not ready but because she is stubborn, independant and a little minx!

So here we have the Dora the Explorer chart with removeable stickers and for every wee and Poo she'll take a sticker off the blue bit and pop it in the chart.  Hopefully we'll be finished with Huggies before we get to sticker number 35.

I think it's obviously affected my thinking though as I did a ste of ATC's this afternoon with childrens TV characters on them!  They're for a swap so I can't share yet but I wonder if the children finally have destroyed my last brain-cell!

Just click on the piccy for a much bigger veiw!!

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