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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BookStart!! - A small gripe!!

Bookstart is a really great government initiative to get books to all the children under 4 in the country free books, pencils, etc.

Now then we went to a meeting at Nursery this morning to get Abigails treasure pack (the over 3's book selection) but OMG the chat was so patronising, do we really need to be told how important books are to children?  Do we really need to know that Drawing is essential?  Do we really need to be told that 3 yr olds like to colour in?

Surely all parents read to their children, let them draw and colour in, it's not like they are expensive activities, surely everyone has access to books atleast in this country.

I think the government tend to assume that we parents haven't got a clue what we're doing and whilst it's nice to make sure that every child under 4 has these free packs of books I think we would rather receive them without the patronising parental chat about how to be a good parent.

I think when it comes to Loobys turn to get her 3yr old book pack (she's just been to the Library and come back with her 2yr old one) we may have to actually have the talk with these library and child reading experts and invite them round to see our "library"  We probably have enough books to start a main branch never mind a book van!!

In summary I would like to say that just because your children are at nursery doesn't mean you have to treat the parents as three year olds too.

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Gina said...

Beautiful blog layout!!! I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Yes, unfortunately, some parents really do need to be told those things.
Some parents don't even know that they shopuld play and interact with their kids.
Trouble is they have to give the same info to everyone, to avoid singling out the deficient ones.

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