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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

It's that day again when we tell our daddies just how much we love them, the kids have been wanting to tell daddy just how much they love him since 6.15am!!!

I'm thinking he wouldn't have appreciated being woken at that time on the first day for ages when he's having a lie in.

According to Abigail Daddy would love it more if we woke him up early, hmmmm I'm thinking this may not be the case!

So in honour of my hubby here's 5 reasons Paul is a great dad -

1. He's got up every morning without question with the kids since the week before my operation (well except today!)

2. He reads the children their bedtime story every single night.

3. He's been doing bathtimes since my op as I'm still not allowed to lift the kids

4. He takes the time to go and play playstation with Iain (this would drive me insane)

5. He gives the children far better tickles than I ever could!

Paul you are a great father to our kids and it's another in the myriad of reasons I love you :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, i love you.

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