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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mrs Henderson Presents

We watched this movie last night on Sky Box Office it cost us £3.75 and saved us going to the DVD shop, plus tehy just add it to our normal monthly bill which is an extra bargain and you know what I absolutely loved this movie, I would give it 8/10 it was tremendous fun, it was funny, frivolous and jolly good fun, as Mrs Henderson probably would have said, i recommend this movie for anyone who like a little mild debauchery, great movie I think for date night!

This morning the post arrived with a bumper thud, I received copies of Scrapbook Answers, Scrapbooks and Beyond, Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, papercrafts and the new Autumn Leaves freestyle book, what fantastic reading material I have to consume, sadly none of it is british but sadly our british scrapping publications whilst getting better still aren't up to the standards of the american mags, plus the fact that the US ones actually cost less than the british ones and are generally weightier.

Don't even mention Creative Scrapbooking which although promises that it would definetly be on sale and with subscribers yesterday still hasn't shown it's cover. Quite frankly I think the way that magazine debarcel has been handled is disgusting, I subbed from the very first issue and when it mysteriously disappeared I had to get my info from forums, I am still yet to receive a letter or any official confirmation that it has moved publishers and that my subscription would be honoured. This is one title I will not be renewing unless the new publishers have overhauled what was certainly a dying magazine anyway. One hope is that Scrapbook Inspirations continues in the same veign its going, this mag really does continue to improve and inspire and also I see hope that TSBM might also be up there soon, Make Kirsty Wiesman (sp?) the editor if they want my advice, IMHO she's the most talented scrapper this country has and surely the most famous, I admire her work and her photography and it's about time she got even bigger recognition.

Right, I have a date with a large mug of coffee (as soon as Hubby brings some back from the shop) and a pile of US reading goodness!

Oh and BTW I got wrong off Hubby last night for not linking to him everytime I mentioned him!, click on that blue link up there and be transported to his 30 minute meandering!

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Anonymous said...

What burns me up is that when I attempt to buy magazines here, they are often 50% higher in cost than in the U.S. Creating Keepsakes cost me 90 us dollars for a 2 year subscription but costs 10.usd each!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's me but the side bar with spikey spikerson and the fortune cookie is only showing 2/3 of the pics. Have tried on work and home PCs and IE as well as firefox. :(

Panthergirl said...

I enjoyed that film as well, although I found the first hour boring and almost didn't persist. I'm glad I did, because it really picked up.

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