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Thursday, June 22, 2006

What's happened to Ebay??

Do you think that Ebay has had it's time, is it really possible to make your money on Ebay and similarly can you still pick up a bargain or two on Ebay?

I'm trying to sell some stuff which ends to day (Paulc855 if you're interested! LOL) and it's just doing appaulingly, I have never known stuff do so badly, I thought that I would atleast make enough to buy myself a sewing machine but quite honestly if I'm lucky I'll just make enough for the fees and for Iain to get himself a new game from the proceeds of the ones he's selling, thats the thing usually the games he sells do really really well but crikey even they are falling far short of the mark.

The worst thing is that I stand to lose an absolute fortune on the craft stuff I'm selling, I could have given it away to my friends and then atleast I would have felt a warm glow for a while instead of the agony of selling more than £50 of stuff for 99p.

If you're reading this today and you either buy or sell on Ebay what is your opinion I am really interested to know.

In other news it's Granny shopping day, refer to the previous post for my thoughts on that one! LOL

Looby dooby dumpling chops is back to full health and happily conversing in spanish with Dora and doing really well with the potty training, no more pull-ups Yay!  Kind of sad in a way though as it means my babies are starting to grow up.

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