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Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Look, Damp Weather and Dr Who!!

I thought it was time for a change (what can I say, I have a low boredom threshold!LOL) and I thought I would go for something a little more grown up, although why I'm not sure as I'm not terribly grown up on a day to day basis and I certainly haven't decided what I even want to do when I grow up!

There has to e about 3 kazzillion templates that I've seen and loved and want to try so I reckon this is going to be a pretty regular feature.
Spikey, my little pet hedgehog has had to go away again as the columns weren't wide enough for him!! 

Thing is though with each template change I find there's more and more stuff I have to move accross, bonus is that I am learning bits of HTML which is handy considering I co-own a forum and am also in the process of buying my own website ( yes you heard it first), i have the domain name all picked out I'm just waiting for the lovely people at 123reg to tell me if I can do the things I want to do and how to do them.  I don't think there's any real chance of me being a computer genius! LOL
In other news of the day it's dark dank and flippin raining again, I think the correct term is Peeing it down or stronger words which I should really use at this time of the day, doesn't mean I don't think them though! LOL
My beloved daughters decided in their wisdom that 6am was a spiffing time to get up this morning, however the Maminator soon saw too it that Abigail was transported back to bed and Looby was given a blanket to lie on the chair whilst I lay on the settee till half past seven which was IMHO slightly more acceptable.
Dr Who was the best episode of the second series last night and next week it's the start of the two part season finale, me thinks that Rose may be doomed.  I fear I may have to reveal what happens though just for the simple reason that I know what happens at the end of Lost season 2 since all the lovely US bloggers saw it months ago!  Time for some good old British revenge!

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Dave said...

Well that's an attractive blog - very pretty background and interesting bits and pieces. I am still stuck in the dark ages with web design and even making my blog more lively. OK the blog on here is a feeder to my other blog but even that one is boring. Any clues about where to go for advice - did a course on HTML years ago and got my nottes somewhere.

jafabrit said...

I like your new look.
I am loving this new dr.who.

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