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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Date Night and 5 wishes

Paul and I took time off last night, we switched off the TV, disconnected ourselves from the wonderous internet and had a couple of drinks in the garden, it was one of those times we needed to catch up, regroup and generally put the world to rights, or rather I did whislt Paul did much Bonsai work!

This morning the girls are off to grandmas for the day, Iain will go tommorrow as mum can't handle them all at once!

Anyway that basically means a day when I can immerse myself in arty crafty projects and thank heavens for that, I hate haveing to get everything out just to put it all away again an hour later for fear of the children wrecking it so every once in a while it's nice to be able to have my stash out for an extended playtime!

5 Wishes:-

1. I wish that Paul didn't have paranoia or depression

2. I wish that my hot flushes weren't quite so hot

3. I wish that I always felt as happy and well as I do at the moment

4. I wish my parents understood why we need a break occasionally

5. I wish that someone would babysit all three so we could go out for a real date

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