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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The sicky monster cometh...

Ah children, the wonder that they bring and sometimes unfortunatley they bring their sick with it.

Poor Looby isn't well at all, she complained of a sore mouth last night and half an hour after popping her in our bed she managed to empty the entire contents of her stomach all over my sheets, matress and pillows!

Lovely eh, whats even lovlier is that darling Hubbysworth didn't clean the sick off before he popped them in the washer, so this morning as I shake out the sheet to pop it out to dry out falls lots of compressed and newly washed sick (mmmmm yummy)

Anyway back to Looby, she fell asleep on the settee so off we popped her in her own bed this time, and just as I was dosing off to sleepy town, I hear her coughing, I managed to get there in time for her not to be sick in her bed, sadly though she was sick all the way along the landing and stopped just before we got to the bath. Good O more carpets to clean.

More vanish powerspray and you learn the reason these companies make their money.

She ended up sleeping in our bed and Paul slept on the settee and I slept with a dish so that every warning sign I could put her head over the dish.

My poor baby isn't well at all, she's asleep on the settee at the moment, I'm hoping that she'll stop being sick soon or I'm calling the doctor out, usually they won't come though until a child has been like this for 24 hours.

Today spare a thought for the sicky children everywhere and spare a thought for the mummies and mommies cleaning it up afterwards!!

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jafabrit said...

ahhhhhh! hope she gets better soon.

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