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Monday, June 12, 2006

Hot and Sticky :O :O :O

You have no idea how humid it is outside at present, it's dull, dark and about 20c, it's the humidity thats a killer though, I woke up with a stonking headache all due to the atmospheric pressure and the fact that there was little to no air in our bedroom last night.

We had a lovely evening catching up with Lost, West Wing and Human Trafficking and by the time we got to bed I was ready to fall into a cool bed, sadly that was not to be, it was rediculously hot and sticky, I tought about sleeping on the settee at several points throughout my restless sleep but there's not much escaping from the heat anywhere, we have the window flung open as wide as it can get in the livingroom at present and I'm still sticky!

Ahh I can see the postman with a pizza-box, I'm off to get my goodies!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

let us know about the goodies:) It's a headache day here too.

Not helped by being woken at 5am by a buzzing noise. Crazy old geordie lady decided to do some document shredding as she couldn't sleep.


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