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Monday, June 19, 2006

Catching Up

So, here's the thing -

I finally got around to finishing off some home decor today, I painted the back of the breakfast bar and finished it off with some herb decals which look scrummy, meanwhile I sent himself to try and finish stripping the downstairs toilet.

1. I say catching up, these things have stood unfinished for around a year, just after we moved in, I lost all my energy and it's taken till now to get it back

2. Arghhhhh the downstairs Loo, well the first layer is bad, Pink painted woodchip but the underneath layer is just appauling, blue floral 60's waterproof paper, now this baby aint leavin town without a fight, it's coming off kicking and screaming and even spending 3 hours a day in this teeny room stripping in a manly type way with water, steam, scraper it could be weeks before it gets back to the bare walls!

My future plans if we ever get to the bare walls is to use all my unwanted Scrapbook papers (12x12) and create a collage effect and then varnish with a waterproof varnish.  It's going to be arty and creative and I think I might just love it.

But you know the best part, when they're wheeling me out in my wheelchair at the age of 90, I can say to the new residents, Ooh have fun decorating the downstairs Loo, I'll smile a malicious old lady smile and know that paper will last possibly till the end of time!

Being Old truely will be a time when I get revenge Big-style!! Mwahahahahaha

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha I can just hear the new tenants cursing you now! I so relate with having to wait a year for the energy to complete something. I keep waiting for that same energy & everyday it's like, "Nope, not today."

Anonymous said...

I did that once with some kitchen cabinets long ago. Painted and antiqued them with what was THE decorating fad of the day. Then put four coats of lacquer on them. I heard from neighbors that the new owners tried to get it off, gave up, cursed me and lived with them.

Ah, immortality!!

Love your decorating attitude.

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