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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bi-Polar planet

I received an invite to join the Bi-polar planet webring by Jane of Tarzan Loves Jane

Seems like it's good time to do this with me starting therapy!

There's a lot of it about in my family, My Aunt is Bi-polar and so is her Daughter but we're not allowed to speak to them, Mum doesn't like that side of the family and funnily enough she always says that I didn't get my genes from Her side of the family.

I remember my mum telling me to go to see a psychiatrist and tell them I was Bi-polar, sadly not because she cared but so that she could feel better about herself, i.e it's not her fault it's because I'm from the wrong side of the family.

I also realised that I shouldn't be scared of posting stuff on the off chance she discovers my blog or my forum, after all what is she going to do about it, stop speaking to me, disown me, she's already done that more times that I care to remember.  is it any wonder that Hubby calls her the second head of bealzabub (sp?) !!

Ok rant over, I think I'm taking the kids to the park now!

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