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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Yes once again up here in the frozen north it's looking like being a Sunshine extravaganza again, I can't beleive we've had nearly a week of sunshine.

England play their first match of the world cup today, GROA>>> Oh sorry I mean Yay (just incase hubby is looking ;) )

Actually I am planning on taking my agoraphobia firmly in hand today and taking Abigail to town for sandals, I figured Paul could drop me off and then I could get a taxi home which would mean that I avoid the most terrifying part ( The bus Ride) plus we could do a bit of girly shopping, have lots of cake and maybe go to Lakeland for a nosey at the craft stuff, I say nosey as it's usually far too expensive to think of buying although they are doing the newer K&Co stuff which is pretty much expensive whereever you get it so you never know I may still come back with some crafty bits.

I would like to have BBQ at some point today, we were supposed to be having a family world cup day but as it was supposed to be Pauls job I doubt it will materialise, what he gives in loveliness, he lacks in organising events such as this!

I hope dear reader that you all have sunny saturdays, oh and as an aside, I did my first battle of the blog last night on Blog Explosion and lost by 11-4 which must mean that actually my blog is pretty dire. if you come accross me today and don't like my blog, can you tell me why so that atleast I could improve it somewhat!
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