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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wimbledon Wednesday!

Tim and Andy both got through their first round matches at Wimbledon successfully though Tim put us all through one of his mammoth matches once again.

I think today though he's doomed as he meets current champ Roger Federer who at the moment is looking pretty unbeatable, much as I would love it if Tim beat him, I have to say that I don't even think that there is the slightest chance of that happening.

Andy Murray may well get through his second match so we'll hang on to that hope for now.

Can someone please inform me what on earth is the point of FLOAM, the advert tells us "With Floam in your hands the fun never dies" and "Leave it to harden then keep it FOREVER"  Quite possibly one of the most infuriating adverts on at the moment and one of the most bizarre products for children ever!!!

Right must go and open my mail which has for some bizarre reason arrived apporximately 2 hours earlier than it usually does!

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