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Friday, June 02, 2006

Hot flushes

Those darned hot flushes managed to keep me awake most of the night last night, every 20 mins I jet off to some strangely hot country at the speed of light, only to end up cooling down just as fast and then feeling cold, so it's quilt on, quilt off...#

I don't think Paul slept too well either, can't be nice sleeping next to a radiator without a thermostat!

I'm wondering whats going on though, I have been on HRT since long before the op, for about 4 months now actually but since the op it doesn't seem to be working as well, I don't feel particularly depressed or agitated although I have noticed that at the moment when Paul bites (he a very irritated type) I seem to bit back instead of just ignoring it and not having any conflict, so just at the moment we seem to be arguing more than average, I know we still love each other at the end of the day because we're fine in every other department, it's just the snipey snappy bits we can't seem to get right but again I suspect that it will all end up having something to do with hormones or lack of them, I would go to the doctors but they clearely don;t want to see me, especially as Paul went for my normal repeat prescription, I was expecting a months supply till I see where I am, they have prescribed me 12 months supply and clearly have no interest in how I actually feel.

You'll be pleased to hear dear readers that it's wram and sunny in newcastle this morning, it looks like it should be a lovely sunny day so i'm off to get dressed in case I miss it!

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Anonymous said...

Go to the Drs any way, that's what they are there for. Most people seem to not like going. I tend to wait until I have a list. :D

O xxx

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