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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Shots of today

Feel free to click for a bigger and better image!

So this was pretty much my day today -

Morning at a new park we'd not been to before but we'll definetly be going again as it was brilliant, sadly I only got 1 shot before my batteries died!

Then came home, tidied and did chores (The Bores)

Went in the garden amidst the rain to catch a photo of the droplets upon the lupin leaf.

The kids played camp in the kitchen with a blanket over the table and Looby tried hard with Potty training.

Also baked Dora cakes for after tea.

Not the most exciting day in the world but Hey it could be so much worse!!

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Anonymous said...

Oooo cakies. Bit stingy with the mix in those cases though aren't ya. They're supposed to come up to the top luv.

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely photos, and I am digging the hibiscus look. :D

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