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Friday, June 16, 2006

More Broke than a Chocolate fireguard!!

Oh dear, the bank don't seem to like me very much today, every once in a while the laws of fate conspire against me and everyone seems to want paying for bills all at once, usually this week in the month we're a little financially embarrassed but this morning I find that we have around £40 to last till next Friday, not exactly the best scenario when you have 3 children!

It could be worse I suppose, atleast all the bills are paid and we mostly do have enough food for a week, well I'm saying that, we have 1 whole shelf of the freezer which is empty so I reckon I better fill that.  Also I think we're going to need several supplies of Saladry as I like to call it, it's all we're eating at the moment, we seem to be eating a different type of salad followed by fruit salad for every single meal.

I reckon we may have a BBQ at some point over the weekend if it's nice as we already have the stuff anyway, we got it last weekend and ended up popping it all in the freezer as by the time we got home the kids were all far too tired to eat, blimey it was only 5pm


Things we have to look forward this week ( I can remind myself of this list in dark moments)



Salads and the healthy lifestyle that brings with it.

Going for walks in the park

Grandma day tommorrow for the girls ( it's been 3 weeks since they last went)

Scrapbooking  ( I have enough supplies to last me till the end of time)

Spending time in the garden surrounded by all the flowers most of which are just blooming

Only 7 days and we'll not be broke!!

Well atleast thats 8 points which may keep me going as things may get tense, whilst I don't mind being stuck at home, Paul will loathe and detest every single moment.

On another note entirely Therapy was tough yesterday.  I can't really go into why as these days my parents are on the net and frankly it's just not worth it.

Funny though how you can still find yourself getting so upset about things which happened years ago.

If I come out the other side of this and know how to handle my life maybe I'll be able to share without worry of retribution.

One thing I do know though is that the Tryanny will not stop just because I stand up against it, well not for a few years anyway.

It seems even though I now have this diary, I still don't have somewhere I can be completely free from worry about the consequences of sharing personal information.

This road of therapy that I have begun walking up is going to be quite a trek, lets just hope that by the time I'm finished I can run down the other side!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the therapy is giving you the release you need.

O xx

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