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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not another mental health post???

So I'm back from the park, we went to Ridley park where they have a water play area and the girls had their swimming costumes on and got wet, well Abigail did, Looby wasn't so sure but it was a little overcast and muggy, maybe when we go back in the summer holidays and the sun is shining she might be a little more convinced.

So I was thinking about stuff whilst there, I'm getting much better at that type of stuff! LOL

Anyway, here's the thing over the years I have had several psychiatrists and several different diagnoses, my most recent before coming back to the bi-polar thing ( an d oh how we kept coming back to that one) was one of Aspergers, mostly due to the fact that my son has AS, thing is though although we share quite a lot of characteristics, it never seemed to fit.  Here's the thing though, According to the psychiatrist in the US and their manual of statistical diagnosis for mental health, there are several levels of Bi-polar whereas the manual in this country only specifies if you are or you aren't and usually they don't like diagnosing people unless it's severe, which leaves people like me floating around not exactly fitting anywhere.  Anyway my Psychiatrist is happy to say that I have mild Bi-polar although it has varied in severity over the years, like for instance due to hormonal factors, hopefully I've done about as much as I can towards getting rid of that one though since my Op!

So thats me and my mental health, sometimes we get along and sometimes we disagree but whatever happens i can always depend on my mental health being there for me!! :D

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