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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sunny Saturday

We awoke this morning to bright summer sunshine, we thought we better make the most of it and so rushed off to Whitburn near Sunderland and had a couple of hours on the beach, we only came home because we decided that we would have a BBQ.

So we got home, had BBQ, I had a nap as I have a migraine and sinusitus, unfortunately I still have an awful headache and now it's not sunny any more it's quite dull infact and the heavy clouds are rolling in, I suspect we may even get some rain before the end of the day, shame really as it all seemed to start so well, I don't think we'll get to the park now as I'm just feeling yucky so hopefully we'll get another sunny intermittion tommorrow and go off to the park then.

Whereever you are and what ever you are doing today dear readers I hope that the sun is shining and your spirits are high!
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Anonymous said...

I've played on that beach, far better than Roker shingly pebbley place.

Love the photos


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