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Friday, November 23, 2007

Kitten Watch - Day 1

If yesterdays photos made you a little broody then I would suggest that you avert your eyes from this blog post as it's a cute kitten-fest of a post!

So all kittens are doing well except for the fact that mum has abandoned the nest and after much searching has decided that a great place to have the kittens is on my chair, I've come to the rescue and put a blanket on it and I guess we'll be sitting on the floor for a few weeks!! It did however mean that I got these corking photos!
This one is going to Jules and we're going to call it by it's name as soon as she decides what she is going to be called.
This one is a noisy little boy and I have to admit to being very fond of him.
here's 3 of them though you can only see one of the boys and the head of Abigails kitten, Angel!

There's a few more shots of them on Flickr so feel free to click through and see the rest!!

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mandijane said...

oh how utterly gorgeous

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