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Friday, November 16, 2007


You get the idea, I've had to count backward from 10 so many times this week to stop me exploding that someone somewhere is going to get the end of my angst! The house is still upside down, we have a kitchen but we now have huge holes in the kitchen floor where the old partition was removed and things are strangely quiet with not even a hint of workmen today which probably means that it's going to be another weekend of living in this upside down bomb site! I'm escaping this afternoon to meet up with clients who have their wedding next February, look out for another Urban E-Shoot appearing on the blog over the weekend.

Tommorrow I have a photoshoot as well and then next week I have one just about every day with 2 on some days, you can bet there's going to be lots to feast your eyes on over the next week, I also have a wedding next saturday and I'm thanking Karma for letting us have a £250 car which not only goes but also has a lovely CD player in, frankly I don't car too much what it looks like so long as it goes and I can listen to music!

Talking of music the Take That "Beatiful World Tour Edition" plopped on the doormat yesterday, these days I rarely buy CD's as I have a subscription to Napster but this was one CD I definetly wanted for my collection, especially as it has an accompanying DVD with 4 of my favourite and their latest hits!

Also yesterday I finally ordered myself a copy of "Nigella Express" as many of you know I'ma keen cook and this lady has fabbo recipes and they take almost no time to put together.

Now then, I know that many of my friends who read my blog know about my passion for craft but I thought I would mention it as I'm pretty sure all those lovely clients of mine love to know a little more about their photographer. After all if it hadn't of been for craft and scrapbooking I wouldn't even be a photographer. I haven't had much time for craft since my business took off but the other day I managed to sit for 2 whole hours and made a button tree inspired by Ali Edwards, no piccy yet as I've been frightened to get my camera out inside the house this week with the dust levels!

If you love craft, maybe you should check out the Craft forum which I Co-Own, it's Called and it's awesome.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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