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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The National Media Museum

In Bradford is lots of fun for parents and children alike, obviously I was quite attracted to the fact that the Henri Carter Bresson exhibition was on and it did not disappoint and neither did the Imax 3D presentation of Space Station. It was the first time I had seen a 3D Imax movie before and I was blown away by it all! Can't wait to see another really!

So onwards with some photographs from the museum :-

Iain was delighted to have photographs with a Dalek.

He also tried his hand at reading the news.

Ok this one is a bit of a dodgy photo but I love it, Looby was on a blue screen with the teletubbies and here she is watching the tv which showed the Teletubbies with her, she was a little confused as to where they were.

Standing against the blue screen.

Iain with his 3D glasses on waiting for the movie to begin.

What is hubby concentrating so hard on?

Why he's colouring in a monster of course!!

The original cast of Playschool

Gordon T Gopher, one of my favourite TV icons!

and ending the day and the story of our holidays with who else but....

George and Zippy of course!

So Monday night and we returned rested and relaxed, we crammed so much in and had the best time ever, I love holidays. I've hardly seen Paul since we returned as he's so busy with gardening that he's actually got someone helping him at the moment.

I really can't wait until our next weekend away, when will it be and where? Well I don't really know but you can guarantee it will be fun, fun, fun!

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