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Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm back..... and this time I have photos.

After 4 fun packed days away we finally arrived home 45 minutes ago, thankfully the house was still in one piece although Paul had to say RIP to his laptop as apparently one of the cats had we-ed on it Euwwww, just as well I carry mine everywhere really!

So I'll try and give a brief recap of all that we've done but spread it over the rest of the week to try and stave off the boredom!

If you are desperate to see all 150+ photos though please do click on any to be transported to 3 albums full on Facebook!!

So anyway, I was telling you we went to Southport which really is a lovely place but seems to close at 5pm, we were half way along the pier and told we had to turn around because the pier was closing!

The pier is the second longest in the country but I did think it strange that it doesn't really go very far into the sea, it's sort of in the middle of the town, hmmmm

Thats the long end, and the one to which we never quite made it, ah well maybe next time...

So a couple of my captured views of Southport which really was lovely though as I previously mentioned closed at 5pm, I kid you not dear readers for when we returned to the park and ride car park we found it closed and we were locked in, EEK, i hear you say, well lucky after a man with a Rottwieller (sp) approached us he offered to find us a way out and after navigating some paving and gaps in the metal bars we quickly made our escape. Apparently the place to go is Pleasureland but although it was open only a couple of the rides were and it was so dead I was a little perturbed!!

I can heartily recommend the fish and chips though which we had at Silocks, Silocks it seems must own Southport as their names seemed to be on everything and come to think of it they own quite a bit of Blackpool too! Talking of Blackpool, when we were on the pier we could see Blackpool tower and the Pepsi Max at the pleasure beach, Iain asked why we had never seen Southport from Blackpool but I said probably because we didn't know it was there!!

On the lake/river/islet/inlet? we watched some fabbo goslings and their parents for quite some time enjoying the unseasonably actual nice weather.

Funny that I forgot my coat but didn't really need one all weekend (I did though resort to buying an enormous Golf Brolly yesterday!!)

Southport also had quite an impressive bridge

Oh and the highlight, a lovely portrait of them all!

OOh, in the amusements the children (and Paul) had quite some fun with our hard earned pennies! LOL I love this photo of Abigail.

Right, thats enough for one day, stay tuned for my round up of all the goings on at Chester Zoo!

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