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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amy and Shakers wedding part 2 - Photojournalism and Candid moments

Today I'm sharing more wonderful moments from mondays amazing wedding, I've chosen to share documentary or "Photojournalism" moments as these are the images which tell the story of the day, they're all non posed and camera unaware making sure that you get to watch the bride, groom and other guests at their most natural.

A glowing Amy arrives at the Village Hotel,

During the ceremony Shaker gave Amy the wrong finger and then tried to say that it didn't matter, LOL!!
After the short service but before the siging of the registers the Registrar welcomed the family to congratulate the bride and groom.

Shakers mum choosing to give Amy a traditional asian welcome.

During dinner a magician performed close up magic, I was truly astounded at his tricks and he beguiled and delighted all the guests.

Amy caught during the speeches, all of which were very funny!!

I think Amy was clapping for someones involvement of the wedding, I love how she looks so happy and relaxed.

One of the final moments of the evening, Amy and Shakers first dance.

Amy and Shaker I hope you've enjoyed more sneakers and I'll email you when your gallery goes live at the end of the week.

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