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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ooh Ooh Ooh - We're Going To The Zoo!

So, Saturday and we decided to make a 40 minute journey from our hotel down to Chester Zoo, wow that zoo is awesomely huge and not only does it have fabulous animals it also has fantastic gardens so you would think everyone would be happy and delighted all day long, well Abigail being Abigail we saw an awful lot of these faces all day -

I think secretly she loved it but she does have the attention span of a Gnat and I think she would have enjoyed it more if she could ride the animals rather than just look at them!!

I had a brilliant time and particularly loved the Giraffes and Elephants as they're my favourite animals anyway,

I wish I could have got up close and personal with a Giraffe!

aren't these baby elephants just so adorable.

Oh and the Meerkats, I could have photographed those all day because they're such great characters.

There were also lots and lots of baby animals enjoying the first real sunshine of the year.

Looby as ever had a lovely time and her prize winning smile was present for most of the day.

I loved this Ostrich

Oh and the kangaroo

and what could be a better way to end a blog post than this happy accident of a photo, slightly blurry but I adore it.

So if you're dying to see more animals then do click through and enjoy a whole album of them, they're all going to end up in a coffee table book as soon as I get the time to make one.

Stay tuned for the next exciting post as we explore the wonders of a secret nuclear bunker and gaze at the beautiful gardens at Europes biggest garden centre

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