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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Denise and Stevens Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at St Marys Island

I met up with Denise and Steven this afternoon on a scorcher of a day down at St Marys Island which for anyone who doesn't know is just outside of Whitley Bay on the Beautiful north east of Englands coastline.

There's something about Denise and Steven which makes you instantly want to spend time with them, they're such a great fun couple and a wonderful match for each other. I honestly got so many great photos from this session it's probably one of my most favourite sessions of the year.

so I bet you want to see some photos?

Dancing on the beach, they dance at home all the time they tell me!

Nice Dip Steven!!


They really are a gorgeous couple.

This one is just a little more urban but I loved the Green door

This one was down a set of quite steep steps, worth the walk down them though!

Ok, this one is my quirky shot of the day, lying on my back (in a dress!!) with my camera upside down, I really wanted to get the whole lighthouse in even though I was right next to it, well I think I managed it!!

This one, well it's one of the most beautiful photographs ever because it's just filled with love.

and another wonderful moment, these 2 wonderful people laugh all the time and Denise told me that one of the reasons she's marrying Steven is because he makes her laugh every day.

Awwww again, I love Romance!

The groom to be practicing for his wedding day.

Denise, this pose is going to look fabulous when you have your wedding dress on!!

I'll end on this dreamy dip which surely deserves to be on a 6ft canvas ;)

Denise and Steven, I really can't wait to shoot your wedding in August, you two are a unique and wonderful couple, thanks so much for sharing your time with me.


mandijane said...

awwww Mandy these photos have left me feeling all warm and fuzzy....I love the light house shot the best I think.....
Never repetitive are you? Always thinking of a novel angle to shoot at......brilliant.

Bagpuss said...

Whata fantastic couple! It must be so much easier to do when you have a great pair like this. Another yummy set of photos Mandy and I just love the way you have used the lighthouse in these. Yes I feel warm and fuzzy too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments guys but all the good work was down to Mandy! She truly made us feel at ease and I think that shows in every photo! Cant wait for the big day to do it all again. Thanks Mandy for being such a fab photographer and friend!

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