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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Exciting news

Ooh I have to share, I now have a link in my links section to another new and exciting blog, Cubby of Cubbycave designs have launched his own blog full of cubby snippets, I hope you'll go pay him a visit you can find him at the CUBBYCAVE

Back later with todays news :)



babycub1970 said...

thanks mandy :D

I hope I can find lots to put on it, lol. I doubt I will be posting every day, as it is more of a 'brain repository' - somewhere I can leave it when it doesn't fit inside my head :mind boggling smiley:

I aim to update the project posts when I have accomplished or thought more about each project, and the plan is for these updated posts to move from their original position up to the top of the blog - if it works!

babycub1970 said...

btw, the link to my blog in your links section shouldn't have the www :)

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