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Thursday, March 16, 2006

No pics today :(

Aww I have no piccies for you today, I haven't really had time to search for any and I have been in the middle of a muscle spasm for most of the day!

Went off to see Granny and Uncle Jim for a couple of hours this afternoon and Jim was looking much brighter and happier than of late, it's good to see him making a recovery, Granny didn't seem so stressed or tired as well which is also brilliant news, it's been so hard for her running up and down the stairs every five minutes. So anyway we had a lovely relaxing afternoon and the kiddies had their tea there.

I haven't really eaten today, I have picked but I have just been unable to think about food for thinking about spasms and detoxification. I have only had 2 cigarettes today and I'll probably have one after this as a reward for not having one since 4pm, if I could cut the morning ones down I would only be smoking 1 a day as I smoke them in halves, I reckon though even if I just stay as I am I'll be smoking at a low enough level to not be too bothered when I am in hospital and will have completely given up by the time I get out.

Had an email off the lady from the company which dared to give me bad customer service, in the end it just happened to be a case of human error and she offered me a substantial discount on the stamps, I still refused that though as I want my stamps before the twelfth of never ;)

I haven't had any codeine at all today so it looks like I have knocked that one on the head, hopefully I won't have the killer migraine during the night tonight.

I did ok on Ebay tonight, it's not going to make me a million but I only had 5 kits closing and they all sold and with enough to make it worth doing this more often, I love doing it, I love sitting amongst stash and coming up with kits and thinking, OOh yes I would like that, my sewing machine is looking more like a definite and the bank may just be my friend by the end of the month if I am lucky :D

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