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Saturday, March 11, 2006

W R Gorgeous

Good Morning!

I have news! Yes i have just receieved the most amazing box of papers from happy scrapper of the new W R Memory keepers urban window collection, now I could be wrong but I beleive that Happy Scrapper are the only company in this country who have them in stock at present, they are amazing and IRL they are 10 times better, this one is my favourite, if you want to get these papers you can check them out HERE

They also have some of the embellies and I have it on good authority that the ribbons will be coming over here as soon as they are released.

In other news we had our family DVD night last night, complete with popcorn, ice-cream and chocolate fondue, we had such a great evening and I highly recommend Nanny Mcfee for all the family, Paul and I loved it and all the kids loved it and for 3 kids ranging in age from 2 to 9 and a half, that speaks volumes. It was such a nice family evening :)

I love my kids, they're just so sweet, I chortled to myself yesterday as Looby (2) popped teddy on the naughty stair and told him he had to stay there for 2 minutes and think about it. LOL They really make me giggle. W ebought Abigail some rubber stamps and she was sticking all manner of things to the case and she turned to me and said, do you like it mummy I'm altering the case, we got her a few more yesterday and gave her a tupperware tub to keep them in and then I watched her "Alter" another tub, I can't beleive how much they must pick up from Paul and I. when I gave them all their journals and pens I sort of expected Iain to think his was boring but he loved it and said he was going to carry it round with him and he could pop his pen in it just like daddy does. Thank goodness that we have no really awul things we do or no doubt they would be doing them too :)

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