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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Snow again

Good morning, snow is upon us again, it's not settling but we keep having such great snowstorms with proper Christmas size flakes, it's so pretty when it falls it makes me want to leap outside and catch snowflakes on my tongue.

I'm in such pain this morning, one of my muscles has decided to throw itself into spasm and it isn't coming out again, I think it's in my shoulder blade and all down my back, Paul put the cold spray on before he left for school so I'm hoping either that or the diclofenac might sort it out. The thing is though I am trying to wean myself off legal but addictive substances and I think my body is in shock withdrawal. Yesterday I had 2 and a half cigarettes and 3 nicorette microtabs, almost halving my cigarette intake, I only had 1 cup of coffee, reducing my caffine intake by atleast 6 cups and only 2 co-proxamol tablets reducing my codeine intake by about 6 tablets, I only ever take them when I am in pain and i have been over the last couple of weeks but now I am hooked again so I'm trying to switch back to just paracetamol but it's the huge headaches which come from withdrawal that I can't stand, my muscle in my back is I suspect just another side effect, I am determined though that by the time I go into hospital I will no longer be a smoker, I'll only have 2 cups of coffee a day maxium and I will have stopped taking codeine forever, they're stopping co-proxamol anyway because of the above reasons, it's very addictive and in such a short space of time, I must add that it's my body which is addicted and not my mind. I have had 2 injections for migraines during the night and I'm really not feeling much like fun this morning.

I also want to tell you about the extraordinarily bad service I have received from a company which I ordered the Making memories foam stamps, the floral ones, I won't name and shame them just yet because I have sent them an email and I want to see what their response is first but so far here's the story, I ordered them last friday using Pauls bank card, i was starting to get a little dismayed when I still hadn't receieved them when I find an email in my box today, stating that the stamps were not even in stock yet when I placed my order they were showing as in-stock and there was no notice about it being a pre-order. they said that I hadn't been charged yet but that they may have some by the end of the month, for me this is shocking customer service. I'll BBL with an update!

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