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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fun Family Saturday

Off here today, yes thats a photo of the Sunderland Winter gardens, a small botanical garden with over 1500 varieties of plant, bonus that it all happens to be free and after we have been there and taken half a memory card of photographs we'll be off to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle which is the largest free museum in our region, it's a science museum and seeing as this week is science week there is a special exhibition and plenty of things going on. Hopefully by the time we get home I'll have some decent photographs to scrap!

Had another awful nights sleep with another night-migraine, am getting slightly concerned by this so may have to go and request an appointment with my neurologist, I have had one and sometimes 2 of these every night this week. I'm hoping that it's nothing and that it's not going to interfere with plans for my op, I really need to be in the best of health by May 10th.

More auctions closing tonight, these ones aren't doing so well at the moment so if they don't close so well or indeed sell I may have to take them off and take a second look at them, can't specifically see anything wrong with them at present, they certainly received the same love, care and attention, oh well best ot worry too much they still have several hours to increase.

Right must go off and get dressed, Paul dressed the girls this morning in thick winter tights and shorts! LOL slightly eccelctic but thats my hubby!

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