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Monday, March 27, 2006

Not Monday again!

Good grief it's Monday again, can someone please tell old father time that this year is going by far too quickly.

It's damp and rainy again today and I still have Abigail home from nursery. Both she and Looby have already set about doing their crafting and basically destroying my livingroom, only 9.45 and already it's a bombsite, piles of coloured papers and pens lying around next to smaller piles of cut up papers and endless pairs of kiddy scissors, that will teach me to try and bring up creative children.

Our car is putting up protest again, it now needs a new battery, new spark plugs, an oil change, a new air filter and I have just been informed maybe new front suspension, I suspend total disbelief that it passed it's MOT, surely it would be cheaper to buy a new car!

Not much on the scrappy bargain front at the moment, I bought some crate paper over the weekend and another bottle of primas, the fall ones but not really too much around to get excited about.

ATDML have a competition to win a goodie box if you pop your UKS name in the comments box, thats where I got my Crate paper from and it's blinkin gorgeous, linky thing is HERE

Have a great Monday everyone :)

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