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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday, Sunday!

Good morning and once again it's my least favourite days of the week. I really don't like Sundays much, nothing exciting ever happens on a Sunday, I think it's about time we had a postal service in this country on a Sunday, we have shopping now on Sundays so why not post, you see getting post is the highlight of my day and it doesn't happen Sundays and i guess I just feel that on Sundays the world kind of stops, I have to say that I am waiting for a stash parcel to arrive and thats making it worse as I know if we had post on Sundays it would arrive and due to my recent enforced stash diet I haven't had so much as a paperclip for nearly a month so this little parcel is on it's way to gove me hope that the stash parcels will return, it's not a big order, just under £14 but it does have some delicious KMA dirty laundry papers in.

So it's a pyjama day, i have done the chores and Paul is the kitchen peeling the sweet potatoes to go with the chicken breasts for lunch, I guess we'll just loll around now till Monday comes :D

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