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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Diva Challenge

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So here it is, tha challenge I set yesterday, my doodle page, it's 6x6 and I used a sakura gelly roll pen and I like it because it's lots and lots of fun, it has just a little bit of me in it, I know it's not going to win any prizes but to be honest I'm not having so much luck getting published at the moment, I'm not sure whether it's just getting harder as more and more people get into the hobby or whether I have lost my Mojo, the pages I submitted lately have been IMHO quite good, better than the ones previously published, maybe I'm not using enough cool products though I have to admit past pages haven't really been about the product, or maybe I was just lucky, up until now I had only had 1 rejection, then 3 in one week, Grrr, I promised myself that I am not going to get down, I'll just work and work and work until something is good enough, and I always have the next issue of Scrapbook Inspirations to look forward to which has my page of Loobys 2nd Birthday in it. I hope that over the next couple of months I'm going to get my scrapping into top gear and then I'll start submitting again after I'm sure that I've got something great to offer

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