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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mp3 for me!!!!!

I cheered myself up this afternoon, I bought myself an MP3 player off Ebay, I had been wanting to get one for my upcoming week in hospital but I didn't want to pay a fortune for it, I managed to get a 512mb one for £20.99 including postage. It should be here within 7 days and you know what I just can;t wait to get all my favourite tracks on, based on my little flash drive I reckon you should be able to get about 60 tracks on which is plenty to keep me company on my hospital stay. I only needed one big enough to take the "Wicked" soundtrack so anything else is a bonus, I can now have Ben Folds, Daniel Powter and the "Rent" movie soundtrack all in hospital with me! LOL

Dad dropped Iain and Abigail off at 6pm and couldn't wait to tell me that he's on call the week of the op but I quickly told him, I would be fine I wouldn't be asking mum and him to look after any of the children and I didn't need them to visit. Why on earth would I want her to refuse to speak to me and then come visit me just because I am in hospital. Thats the kind of thing they do though, my family love a good hospital visit!!

Made up some more paperbag book kits and sold 1 five minutes after I popped it on so as you can imagine I was very chuffed indeed about that. All the Ebaying is starting to pay off, though it is quite a long prospect, it took 2 hours to make up 4 kits tonight but i want to make sure that they are just perfect.

Abigail still isn't well enough for nursery tommorrow, she's been up and down all day again at mums so I might as well keep her off, the schools and half the country are all on strike on Tuesday anyway, hopefully by Wednesday she'll be ok to have a short week at school. It must be nearly Easter soon, I know it's my 6th wedding anniversary on Good Friday but I really must find out when the schools break up.

Right must dash, off to watch next weeks Desperate housewives on E4!

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