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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sometimes life is just a bit.....

Up and down, you know I go through more moods in one day that Imelda Marcos changes her shoes.

Today I have been up and down like a broken zipper. Car trouble has ruled our life today, Currently the car has been towed to the garage in time for it to open tommorrow so that the mechanic can give us a quote and we can decide when and if we can get the work done, I say if but I suppose it has to be done, it's just where we find the money. Still no bites on Ebay today at all, maybe it was all beginners luck and now I have fallen at the last hurdle. I'm stuck as well at the moment as I have no paperbags, no flowers and a severe lack of ribbon, however the flowers are ordered, the paperbags are on their way and hopefully the ribbon should get here tommorrow, so it's looking like it will be the weekend before I can get any more kits on, as for the aquarium, I reduced the price so that it will just cover the cost of the work on the car and the ebay fees, ah well such is life, why oh why could we not have won a plasma TV I'm sure they would be a lot easier to sell!

Looby and I both went for a nap this afternoon and I had a lovely restful hour, I'm still shattered but i missed my HRT this morning and only remembered at lunchtime so thats upset my system and the Daylight saving time means I have an hours jet-lag! Yes I know it's only an hour but it's really affecting me! LOL

Now I find out I can't even make it to the psychiatrists on Friday as we'll not have the car done till atleast Tuesday and my agoraphobia will not let me do public transport at the moment, i know this because I tried today and Paul and Looby were with me, I got halfway down the street, turned round and came home in a sweat.

Fingers crossed that tommorrow is a wholly better day!

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