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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A layout with Bling

So I did some scrapping tonight, still got the two week old headache but I was feeling quite energised and I had been wanting to try the Basic grey wholly cow rub ons and I came up with this Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm really quite pleased with it, sorry about the carp photo but the lighting in my living room at night is not exactly optimum for photography.

It's been an ok sort of a day, went to the Scrapbook shop, got a few goodies and a couple of magazines and really that was about it, Abigail and Looby did layouts when Abigail came home from school and they had such fun, all they ever want to do these days is crafting, can't think where they get that from ;)

You know what, I really miss smileys, I might have to get some of those but maybe not from Smiley central as they're supposed to be full of spyware.

I really need the weather to start improving so I can take more photos, just to have 1 nice warm sunny day would be nice but it's not looking like that any day soon, ah well one can keep dreaming.

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