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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Early Update

Yes it's earlier this morning but it was my morning to get up with the girlies today, they have had breakfast so I thought I would come update my blog before I attempt to get Iain up and make coffee for hubby. Just checked our bank account and it looks like we are overdrawn again, more bank charges, I daresn't tell Paul for fear it will send him completely over the edge and he'll kill me, of course it's all completely my fault, I just forget about people taking money out and if it's there to take I usually spend it, I'm going to have to stop this, it's getting beyond a joke, mind you you can always tell when I have been feeling down as it leaves a large dent in my bank account. Thank goodness for being able to auction some stuff on Ebay, I might just be able to recoup a little of the money, I think I need a plan, any suggestions, yes I know stop spending money, i only ever spend little bits at once but I suppose it all mounts up, blimmin Prima flowers. You kow i have never been one for material things like big kitchens, new bathrooms etc, I just like stuff, I buy the kids far too much, I hoarde goodies because it makes me feel better, Yes I know you are thinking "This woman needs therapy" LOL well I suppose you would all be right, I have been on the waiting list for a year but waiting lists for psychodynamic psychotherapy are currently 2 years. Not that I'm complaining but mostly I am fine it's just lately since we fell out with my parents life has just gotten a bit out of hand, It's great that Paul finally stood up to mum but at what cost, I'm not even sure we are allowed in her house and granny has been a bit off with me. The great matriarch speaks and everyone jumps, thats why I have never won an arguement yet, you say 1 word she doesn't agree with and you get banished, written to and texted on a daily basis, yes mum is good at texting her horridness now, I discovered that the last time she banned people from speaking to me. I don't think she'll try that this time as Paul won't stand for it but she already hinted we wouldn't be allowed in her house and all because we think Iain should be treat the same as his sisters, she says you can't possibly have 3 children at the same time and give Iain the attention she wants to give him, she wants to see the girls every other week and Iain every week, not exactly treating him the same is it?! Ohhh grrrrr, sorry to vent, I guess I woke up in a funny mood today, that will be the trying to give up smoking malarky, time for a nicorette micro-tab.

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