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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Yes it's true Creative scrapbooking are ceasing production along with creative cardmaking ideas and creative beading. If you read my reveiw of the last issue you may think I kind of knew this was coming and yes it's true, I have said for a while that if they did not up their game then they would be another magazine which would not succeed. The magazine game is hard in any area but when you come to a specialised area with fewer readers you really have to up your game and offer something special something which Scrapbook Inspirations has tried to do from the start and TSBM sort of did till it's last issue which was just appauling. I wonder if the new editor of TSBM knew of the fate of CS when she left to take up that job.

Yes it is sad for all involved and I really truly am sad for them but will I miss the magazine, I subscribe after all, probably though I won't even notice when it doesn't arrive next month, however on a personal note this was the first mag which I was ever published in and I'll always have CS to thank for that. I hope now though that someone will take notes from the two mags which have ceased publication, I hope they will not sit back and cry over spilt mags, surely all these talented people can put their heads together right the wrongs and come back with the most fantasmagorical scrapping magazine ever, after all we only learn from our mistakes when we make them. I do believe there is room for 3 scrapping magazines but they all have to offer something wonderous and unique, I'm absolutely sure that there is the talent out there to do this and will wait and hope with baited breath that it does actually happen.
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