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Friday, March 17, 2006


Oh yes the bling is in, get your fabby making memories eyelets HERE

Thats a link to Scrapfaries, I ordered from them last week and I had fantastic service so I'm bigging them up to you all!

I also hear on the grapevine from a very good source ;) that for all you W R Memory Keepers fans, Happy Scrapper are getting a new delivery of goodies from them on Monday. Ooh it's all shopping tips tonight but I was informed by my lovely friend Tracy (Who I had a lovely on the phone chat to this morning :) ) about a US company who give great service and have fabby prices they're called a million little things and you can find them HERE

Oh and for all you fans of the making memories foam stamps who are having trouble finding them, I bought mine from that company this afternoon for the bargain price of 7$ I spent 11$ in total and I paid only 3$.30 for the postage so it's really worth checking them out and the best part is that they take Paypal (Wahey) just make sure you don't go overboard and then have to pay huge customs charges! She's apparently also one of those nice ladies who will take prima flowers out of bottles to make them cheaper for postage, they didn't seem to have any of those on site when I looked this afternoon though.

Right then, thats my day really, nothing much has happened, Paul is embarking on a new stage in his life and undertaking a project which means I'll be left with Looby for a couple of days a week, luckily only for a couple of hours though as I have trouble managing on my own when I am ill. Auctions closed well again on Ebay, so I'm really starting to feel positive that I am making money for myself and not having to rely on anyone or go vastly overdrawn.

I have had more cigarettes today but it's been a day with some stressful arguements in it, all resolved now I think and just silly really but I still think I have only had 3 full cigarettes today, will try harder tommorrow.


babycub1970 said...

Just checking out that US site you mentioned: A Million Little Things. It should be added that you can change the currency so can see the prices GBP :)

Now, must go and see if they have any of those crystal brads. I like those, a lot.

Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger said...

OOh I didn't know that, Thanks Cubby, thats a stonking cubby top tip!

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