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Friday, March 10, 2006

Tesco Findings

So we went out to the book shop for coffee and carrot cake, Paul has really bad paranoia at the moment so we're trying to keep away from anywhere that fuels that. I really feel for him when his illness is bad because there is nothing I can do or say to make it better. Anyhoo thats by the by, so we wnt to Borders and I managed to spend around £20 in paperchase buying little books to alter, Easter stamps for the children, a pack of gel pens which has a white one in it, some luggage tags to alter, some stickers and a little notebook for each of the children to encourage them to keep a daily journal, yes I know that I have no chance with Looby and maybe it's a bit early for Abigail but for Iain I think it would really help him a lot with his writing.

So then we went off to Tesco to stock up on ice-cream and pop corn for our movie evening when I spotted an Antony Warrell Thompson chocolate fondue set for the bargain price of £1, yes that's right £1, now the chocolate may run out of date in a couple of weeks but to be quite frank it will be gone by tonight and the fabulous fondue bowl etc will last forever. I also got an AWT Cheeseboard with Cheesewire thingy and 3 AWT chutney set also for the bargain price of £1.

I do love a good bargain and although I detest supermarkets I have come back with a happy feeling today, how much fun are the kids going to have with chocolate fondue and marshmallows. I did miss the big postman though so I have a couple of parcels to pick up from the Depot tommorrow morning, still atleast I know I'll be getting treats tommorrow :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like some fun stuff you found shopping! Have a great weekend! :) Tawnya

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