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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Have a look at these babies

Oh yes aren't these just a wee bit exciting? It looks like all the CHA stuff is finally here, loads of sponsors touting there wears already this morning on UKS but these babies really caught my eye. If your purse isn't full I would advise steering clear of Just A Memory

If you have got money to spend on beautiful things then I highly recommend the whole of the new Gin X collection, these piccies are the rub ons and the coasters but just wait until you see some of the papers, Wowee kazowee is all I can say, follow that linky thing to be transported to the very lovely Lorraines shop for fabulous service with a smile and more gorgeous new goodies than you can shake your leg at :D

I know you are thinking what did I buy but really I couldn't afford any of it, I didn't even buy 1 coaster. I am rather fiscally red-cheeked at the moment and my last couple of ebay sales have been cheques so no, I can't quite afford the goodies the noo but as soon as I have spare fundings I'll be running to get the whole collection, rub-ons, coasters the blinkin whole lot!

In other news the heating is broken AGAIN! just waiting for the engineer to come, I think it's the dodgy old thermostat this time, it looks like it was originally installed a gazillion years ago so I reckon it was about ready for a break-down.

My Happy Scrapper job continues to go very well, if you have been keeping up with my sponsor posting every afternoon you'll know how much fun they are, I have had several emails and comments about how funny they are, not sure how many products they are selling but they are certainly getting lots of page clicks, we'll have to see how well they have done when Lyn returns from her Jollies in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile Sarah at HappyScrapper is still giving fabulous service with a great big smile and remember no minimum order and free P&P on all orders over £5 forever. Just in case you haven't been to visit yet, here's the linky thing.

I hope you all have a great day today and remember "There's a worm at the bottom of the garden and his name is Wiggly Woo" Teeeeheeeeheeee :D
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