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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bumps and bruises

So yesterday teatime we get a call from Granny (who's 81) Uncle Jim who has a learning disability and also physical disabilities has fallen over and can Paul come take him up to the doctors, so off Paul went to give her a hand, we later found out what had happened, apparently granny had been at the hairdressers, Jim was home on his own (he's nearly 60) he had been to the loo and couldn't get his belt done up so he got this idea to stand on a wobbly old kitchen chair to see if he could see his belt in the wall mirror, no he's not at all stable on his legs at the best of times, anyway he fell off the chair, smashed a solid wood (and I mean solid, he's a big old guy)table and ended up on the floor, when granny came home he was in a chair but looking bluey grey, it turns out that he's broken several ribs and he's not too well, even so she refused taking him to the hospital and is managing with him at home. So we're off to go and help out today as she can't lift him if he needs anything and to be honest I am a little worried about her too as she got a huge shock.

In other news, i bought a small provocraft sewing machine to do some stitching on my scrapbook pages, if you are thinking of buying one, don't they're completely carp and I have broken mine already, I really need to go and buy a proper sewing machine. Anyway i did achieve a fantastic layout but I need some batteries for my camera so I'll try and upload that when I get back tonight from Grannys.

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babycub1970 said...

Oh Mandy, you should have asked about those darn sewing machines - could have told ya not to buy one. I got one as a magazine freebie subscription and I chucked it away in the end.

If you can pick up a proper sewing machine cheap at a car boot sale, it's an infinitely better solution and will probably offer more stitch types.

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